Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Woodworking Magazines Are Completely Garbage - Here's Why

The biggest problems faced by woodworkers are finding quality information regarding this topic. Yes, I know that there are a lot of magazines out there. But can you tell me which one provides the best 'how-to' articles.

I do agree with the owner of Teds Woodworking, Ted Mc Grawth. He said that most of the people (I mean, around 7/10) magazines are really sucks at delivering quality information about woodworking tips.

Not only that, I found that these magazines love to make us questioning ourselves.

I'm not going to condemn any woodworking magazines. I just want to write based on what I feel.

And here is why I think most of the magazines are completely garbage.

#1 - The Diagrams Are Confusing

How can we benefits or learn something if we don't understand it? This is what I feel when reading woodworking magazines. The diagrams provide are confusing and makes me wonder what to do next.

#2 - The Diagrams Are Unclear

It is not just confusing. It is also unclear. I always thought that publishers always struggle and focus on delivering great content. However, this is a bad assumption.

Do they want to deliver information to woodworkers? Or just making money by selling magazines and advertisement?

#3 - It Makes Woodworking Looks Damn Hard

I do agree with Ted Mc Grawth. Nowadays, most of the people thoughts that woodworking is hard to do.

Why these things happen?

It is not because of the woodworking itself. It is all about the writers, information contributors, and publisher who do not take seriously in delivering great content regarding this topic.

I've spend a few months to read both online website and magazines. But most of them are completely garbage. But there is a few websites that are really helpful.

But still, they failed to satisfy me.

Teds Woodworking - 16,000+ High Quality Plans and Projects

I'm a big believer in great product comes from great people. And that is why I really recommend to any levels of woodworkers to take a look at Teds Woodworking.

His product will gives you a huge benefits on getting high quality woodworking projects and plans. There is more than 16,000 provided. Take your time and read my Ted Woodworking review before making any decision.

Looking forward to help you guys in finding helpful resources related to woodworking.

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